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very well done

The art was really great and the scene setup was great. If the movie has a good storyline, you'll easily make front page.

Actually looks pretty good

It'd be a lame fight if it was animated badly, but this was not bad at all. It was average for a stick fight. The amount of blood loss was a bit ridiculous, though. Each punch and kick splashed alot of blood from the opponent (although slams and stomps didn't seem to cause nearly as much damage).

It would help if you used some kind of impact sounds for the punches and kicks. They don't have to be very loud.

And when they cause a crater in the ground, it'd look better if you had debris flying into the air (since the chunk of ground can't just disappear).

Joey-Kazaam responds:

Thanks for the review. I plan on using sfx for my next stick fight flash. the debris idea is pretty neat and yeah I will for sure do that. and for the blood loss, i guess i got a bit carried away haha

thanks man :D

pretty good

The way it was animated was really good.I have no problem with stick figures. Sure, anyone can draw stick figures, but it still takes talent to animate them well. Plus, you did a good lip sync.

I just wish it was longer and had a bit more rhythm.

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not too bad

It's good. Your art is okay.

Not sure what you mean by the circle method you came up with. There are lots of books showing you how to break down the body into basic shapes in order to simplify drawing. It's a smart approach, but not a new concept.

Your hands really need work. You make the main part of the hand too short. If you straighten your thumb alongside your hand, your knuckles start at nearly the same level as the tip of your thumb. The first knuckes (each row of knuckles, in fact) should follow a curve sweeping at the end of the hand, not be level with each other.

You could have got more detailed with the tutorial. The file size is still relatively small. Going into facial and body proportioning would be useful.

needs lots of work

One of the most important features of a dress-up game is how you store accessories. Just leaving them lying around in the main screen area doesn't look good. It makes things look cluttered and innefficient, and it can obscure other pieces.

If you have a more organized system, you can arrange them by type--hence, telling the player what they're looking at. I wasn't sure exactly what some of the parts were for.

It's also a good idea to snap accessories to the character when they're near. Or, you could have the accessory appear on the character when you touch it. I've seen dress-up games done both ways. Making players try to position accessories on the character is annoying.

You should prepare yourself for some bad (and maybe nasty) reviews on this one.

I do like the fact that you give the user the option to turn the music on and off. Alot of people overlook that.

not bad

Good once I figured out what was going on. You need instructions explaining what we're looking at. It took me a few deaths to figure out this was a top-down game.

There should be more to it to make it progressively harder.

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very interesting

It has a very uneasy sound through most of the song--but it works really well. Between the deep bass and the sharp treble notes, I can see how it could hurt people's ears if they're wearing headphones. The triangle chimes are almost the only mid-tone sounds. It gives the song alot of depth, though.

sounds cool

Sounds like it should be the theme music for a cool, laid-back character. But for its length, it's a bit too repetative. It gets a bit monotonous. As it is, if I looped the song half-way through, I probably couldn't tell much difference from the full song.

I kept expecting to hear rapping or a rap-like (voice-like) beat overlapping at some point. Even a sax would have fit nicely.

It's good mood music, but it feels like it's missing something.

really good

Sounds like a professional DJ techno remix. I can't think of any other comments. It's just all-around good. I'm definitely saving this song.


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