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Acoustic New Divide Acoustic New Divide

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

um... well...

Everything sounded awesome up until the singer started singing. Honestly, the singing was a little painful to listen to. Besides that, the guitar and everything else sounded great.

Whoever was singing might want to consider singing lessons.

The biggest problem with the singing, tho, was that it sounded like the people (person?) singing were singing one octave above their normal range--for the sake of mimicking the original singer, I guess. A singer should always sing a song at his/her comfortable range, even if the song is someone else's--so high and low notes in the song don't sound to cracked.

The voices sounded a bit nasally (especially the leading voice) , possibly due to singing out of normal range. If the singer(s) sang one octave lower, the singing might sound fine. I keep saying singer(s) because I couldn't tell if the voice in the song were all the same person or not.

I hope that helps.

Pokesmoker responds:

Well i was singing like that because i am inside my uncle's house and i cant sing out loud. I can upload the song without the singing if that makes you happy =) I am no professional and don't have the right equipment. That was made a few minutes before uploading it and all i have is a guitar,a computer with cool edit and a really cheap mic that costed me 4 dollars on radio shack lol. Hope to listen to any song from you in the nearby future and thanks for the longest critic i have ever received in my life =)

==(Mindmangler)== ==(Mindmangler)==

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

very interesting

It has a very uneasy sound through most of the song--but it works really well. Between the deep bass and the sharp treble notes, I can see how it could hurt people's ears if they're wearing headphones. The triangle chimes are almost the only mid-tone sounds. It gives the song alot of depth, though.

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Buoy responds:

naaaah... the synth pad is mostly in the mid range... and that gnarly part of the bass sound... uh well that pretty much covers it

But well yeah thanks man!

Kami | Golden Sunsets Kami | Golden Sunsets

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

sounds cool

Sounds like it should be the theme music for a cool, laid-back character. But for its length, it's a bit too repetative. It gets a bit monotonous. As it is, if I looped the song half-way through, I probably couldn't tell much difference from the full song.

I kept expecting to hear rapping or a rap-like (voice-like) beat overlapping at some point. Even a sax would have fit nicely.

It's good mood music, but it feels like it's missing something.

Power of Pleasure (TC Remix) Power of Pleasure (TC Remix)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

really good

Sounds like a professional DJ techno remix. I can't think of any other comments. It's just all-around good. I'm definitely saving this song.

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The Jungle Rituals The Jungle Rituals

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I really like it after the bass stops ( at about 56 seconds). Even the notes played while the bass is going sound out of place (and abrupt in places). That part makes me think more of a slum for some reason--with things lurking in the shadows.

Then the uplifting part of the song begins. May just be me, but it makes me think of Neverending Story--or just about any fantasy movie, just after the hero saves the day (oh! Legend--can't forget Legend).

However, it doesn't make me think of the jungle at all. It makes me think of mountains or flying (on the back of a dragon, for instance).

I think you used all the wrong instruments to portray a jungle setting. Not really the right drums either. None of the instruments really sound earthy enough--well, the tambourine is iffy (personally, it makes me think of gypsies).

A reed flute would have sounded more appropriate than the organ (I'm guessing that was an organ in the first part of the song). In your Author's Comments, you mention magical creatures chanting, but there's nothing in the song that sounds like chanting. And not all drums necessarily sound earthy--I'm guessing a taiko drum might work. You'd probably want to avoid most piano's and brass instruments.

At one point, you have what sounds like wind blowing (it may be my imagination, but I keep subtly hearing it in the background). Anyway, wind is perhaps a poor choice for portraying a jungle. Wind makes me think of the desert or mountains--or flying. I'd more expect to hear rain in the jungle. A light but steady vox might work--for the chanting. You could try to be more Ewok-ey--I mean the original Ewok chanting before Lucas went and "updated" their chanting.

Despite all that I said, I still really like the piece.

But you could probably just change all the instruments without changing the song and give it more of a jungle feel.

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Birdinator99 responds:

Damn, guess I really dropped the ball on this one XD

Nah, I get it. When I mention chanting, I just meant as a visual thing. The things I describe are what I see when I hear this song, but clearly it's different for everybody. Granted, the sound choices were not the greatest :p

Yea, people don't like that bass XD sorry about that.

I'm sorry it didn't really work for you (all the wrong intruments!?!?! XP I have failed lol), but I appreciate your time, so thanks for listening!

[AL] Needs moar yiff! [AL] Needs moar yiff!

Rated 4 / 5 stars


It has it's own random appeal. I feel strangely drawn to it.

I think it'd be good as a background for a 41 second animation.